About us

Phoenix Martial Arts has was founded in November 207, by head instructor Martin Lee. Our mission is to provide high quality martial arts inclusive of everyone, and help as many people as possible.


Our classes are designed to help to improve strength and fitness, as well as building skills such as confidence, discipline, respect, responsibility and much more! All whilst having loads of fun and getting rid of the stresses of the week.

We have a champions for life programme for kids which helps them to learn some amazing and valuable life skills through filling out our work books. The parents in our community love them, and the kids work hard to find new things to get them filled in!

We have 4 different programmes designed to give you the best possible experience with our classes:

Hatchlings - ages 3 - 6

Feldglings - ages 7 - 12

Ladies Kickboxing - ages 13+

Adults Kickboxing - ages 13+


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What people say about us!

Hannu - Hatchlings and Adults kickboxing

"After watching my 4 year old daughter thrive in the hatchlings class, I was delighted when Martin extended their offering to a new mixed class. As a 40+ adult new to martial arts, I find Martin very engaging and unintimidating in his teaching style. Highly recommend this class as both an excellent fitness boost and a relaxed way to learn martial arts skills."

Marie - Hatchlings

"My son is struggles with listening and keeping his concentration. Since joining he has improved in these areas plus is learning some fantastic training. Martin is fantastic with the children , he is fair and firm and has great communication. I’m so very glad I chose this club for my son."


Marie, her two daughters and other son have now all joined the classes.

Maria - Fledglings

"Martin is really good with the kids, friendly and makes them feel at ease. My son loves going to his Martial Arts Classes every week learning new moves and gaining confidence. He’s come on leaps and bounds. Thank you."

Jess - Ladies Kickboxing

"This is one of the best things I have ever done. It's pushed me out of my comfort zone but ultimately given me strength, fitness, belonging to a group and enjoying a new skill just for me. Try it. It's been a brilliant experience. One I will be continuing for a long time. Thank you Martin for being patient and for not laughing at my uncoordinated limbs can't wait to learn more and get better at it along the way."

Try our classes free for 7 days with a VIP pass. 

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